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Paul's Daily Reflections

Being a non-religious humanist, yet a reflective person, I sought for some time a humanist-oriented daily reflections-type book. When all I could find were religiously oriented books that did not met my needs, I decided to create one for myself - a compilation of widely varied readings for daily reading and reflection which speak to my humanist philosophy.

Daily Reflections is available in two formats: PDF and DOCX. The folder for each version contains 13 files - an Introduction/Index section and a separate file for each month of the year. Each month has one page per day, making it easier to go directly to a given date within a month; for example, in a given month, the 18th of the month will be on page 18.

[If you've not discovered it there's a quick way to go to a specific page in both formats. With Adobe (PDF): depressing Shift+Cntl+N launches a Go-To box in which you enter the desired page number. With MS Word: the F5 key launches a Go-To box.]

[NOTE regarding Dropbox: These documents are available free via Dropbox where they can be downloaded onto your computer. You need NOT have a Dropbox account, and the service is free. So that you can find the downloaded files, note into which folder on your computer the files are downloaded; depending on your operating system you may be able to direct the files into your folder of choice, or they may go into a general Download folder.]

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