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In his early elementary school years Paul played piano, but gave it up as performing in recitals terrified him. He took up the trombone in the 5th grade which he played through high school -- much preferring performing with a group -- with the marching band, concert band, dance band, and Dixieland combo...

Paul in high school band uniform High School Dance Band
In Clear Creek HS band uniform / In CCHS Dance Band (middle trombone player) (c 1957)

He took up the guitar in about 1957, first with an old Gene Autry guitar given to him by his grandfather "Pop-Pop" Cushing, and then with a new black guitar -- black because the Everly Brothers played black guitars!

Wayne & Paul with instruments with guitar on banks of Galveston Bay
With brother Wayne (c 1957) / In Derrick grandparents' yard in Bayview overlooking Galveston Bay (c 1962)

For two decades Paul played and sang almost exclusively at parties and other group jam session settings, rarely performing and never solo. He didn't began his solo career until 1980 at the age of 40, first playing free happy hour sets at the Water Works Bar & Restaurant in Waco.

Paul's publicity photo-1981 Jim, Paul & Buddy at RV Show-1981
Publicity photo (1981) / First trio: Jim Keyes, Paul and Buddy Edwards (1981)

In 1982 he formed the Texas-music country-western dance band, "Paul Derrick & Waco," which he disbanded in 1985.

Paul Derrick & Waco playing a wedding dance Paul Derrick & Waco at the Water Works
"Paul Derrick & Waco" playing a wedding party (1982) / Playing at the Water Works (1983)

Paul & Waco t-shirt
"Paul Derrick & Waco" band t-shirt

Since disbanding his band, he has played solo and in a variety of informal duos, trios and other ensembles. He has often been accompanied by his wife, Jane, on banjo and vocals, and his younger daughter, Mary Jane, on vocals. He has also performed many engagements with long-time friends and fellow musicians Buddy Edwards, who was lead guitarist in Paul Derrick & Waco, and folk troubador John Boswell, Paul's folk music mentor.

Charlie Burger & Paul at Speegleville Park-1988 Mary Jane & Paul at Speegleville Park-1988
From 1982 - 1992, and again since 2002, Paul and friends have performed each summer at the Speegleville Park amphitheater. Above is Charlie Burger and Paul (left photo - June 1988) and Charlie, Mary Jane and Paul (right photo - August 1988).

playing Fisherman's Wharf c1987 fisherman's wharf markee
Regular gig at Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant in Laguna Park on Lake Whitney in 1986-87

Paul & Peter Yarrow - 1989 John Boswell - about 1990
Two of Paul's folk heroes: folk legend Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame) at the Kerrville Folk Festival (1989) and troubador John Boswell (about 1992).

In early 1988, Paul organized "Folk Nite" at the Water Works Bar & Restaurant, then a highly popular music venue in Waco. The monthly event soon became a weekly happening with help from fellow-musicians Russ McGilvray, Wade Meyer, Chris Pruitt, and others, and continued until about 1991. The Waco Tribune-Herald article by Carl Hoover below tells the Folk Nite story.

Trib article - page 1
Trib article - page 2

Folk Forever sign WaterWorks logo

Folk Forever sign Wade, Russ & Chris
Lee VanWagner (1988)       /       Wade Meyer, Russ McGilvray, & Chris Prewitt (1988)

Paul harmonizing with Charlie Burger Mary Jane & Paul
Paul harmonizing behind the "Singing Ranger" Charlie Burger (1989)       /       Mary Jane & Paul (1989)

Paul at Water Works about 1989 Paul & Steven Fromholz Practice session - 1989
Paul (1988) / Paul & one of his favorite Austin musicians Steven Fromholz (1989) / Mary Jane & Paul practicing (1989)

MJ & Paul at the Water Works MJ & Jane with Janis Ian
Mary Jane & Paul open for Janis Ian at the Water Works / Mary Jane & Jane with Janis Ian (June 1990)

Keith Grimwood of TFIA Ezra Idlet of TFIA
Two of my favorite musicians (and people): Keith Grimwood & Ezra Idlet, better known as "Trout Fishing in America," have appeared at the Water Works and other Waco venues for over 30 years. (Photos c1990)

Wedding party 1992 at SWUUSI - 1988
Paul & Jane playing a wedding party (1992) / Paul performing at SWUUSI at Lake Texoma (1988).

MJ & Peace Rally - 1987 Paul & Jane at MLK affair
Singing for peace (1987) / Singing for social justice (2001)

In 1992 Paul organized a coffeehouse at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Waco which in 1993 became Waldo's Coffeehouse.

Paul, Mary Jane and Jane at pre-Waldo's Coffeeshouse (1992) Waldo's banner
Paul, Mary Jane and Jane at pre-Waldo's Coffeeshouse (1992) / Waldo's Coffeehouse banner

Some Waldo's Coffeehouse performers for whom Paul has opened over the years...

Christine Albert & Chris Gage John Boswell Steven Fromholz
Christine Albert & Chris Gage / John Boswell / Steven Fromholz

Shake Russell & Dana Cooper Jack Saunders Katy Moffatt
Shake Russell & Dana Cooper / Jack Saunders / Katy Moffatt

Marsha Webb Lifelong Friends
Marsha Webb / Lifelong Friends (Melody & Ray Dodd)

Emilie Aronson Anni Clark
Emilie Aronson / Anni Clark

T R Ritchie The Court
T R Ritchie / The Court (drag queen show)

Others who have performed at Waldo's Coffeehouse over the years include...

Allen Damron Chuck Pyle Cindy Kalmenson
Allen Damron / Chuck Pyle / Cindy Kalmenson

Still on the Hill Slaid Cleaves
Still on the Hill / Slaid Cleaves

Bill Ward Lu Mitchell
Bill Ward / Lu Mitchell

Ruthie Foster Therapy Sisters
Ruthie Foster / Therapy Sisters

Darcie Deaville Kirk Edens & LaDonna Goetz Annie Gallup and Sean Kelly
Darcie Deaville / Kirk Edens & LaDonna Goetz / Annie Gallup & Sean Kelly

Joe McDermott Carla Ulbrich
Joe McDermott / Carla Ulbrich

Emily Kaitz Mary Reynolds & Caryl P. Weiss
Emily Kaitz / Mary Reynolds & Caryl P. Weiss

Stonehenj Greencards
Stonehenj / Greencards

Carolyn Hester
Waldo's has even hosted folk legend (and Waco native) Carolyn Hester

Still on the Hill kids at concert
Donna and Kelly of Still on the Hill entertaining the kids (of all ages)...

...and jamming with Drew Wenner and Paul before a Waldo's concert

Jammin' in Marathon, TX U-Bar-U - Kerrville
Jammin' at a stop in Marathon, TX (2006) / Mini-concert at U-Bar-U Retreat Center near Kerrville, TX (2006)

Paul & Jane at Brookview Neighborhood Association picnic Paul at nursing home-2007
Paul & Jane at Brookview Neighborhood Association picnic (2007) / Paul at a nursing home (2007)

Paul at Hines Elementary-2008 Hines Elem kids-2008
Paul doing a kids concert at J.H. Hines Elementary, Waco (2008)

Storiebook Cafe Concert-2009 Storiebook Cafe Concert-2009
Lee VanWagner, Paul & Jane (left) / Paul, Mary Jane & Jane (right)
Storiebook Cafe, Glen Rose, TX (May 9, 2009)

Texas Trilogy poster, 2009
During 2009, Paul, Buddy Edwards and Kristen Cervantes performed as Texas Trilogy. Unfortunately, since Buddy and Kris both had full-time jobs and many other irons in the fire, we didn't have enough practice time to develop the quality act we wanted, so we disbanded our short-lived but fun trio at the end of the year.

Friendship Force dinner-Dallas-April 23, 2010
Paul Derrick & Friends (Jim Calhoun, Mary Jane Kent, Paul, Kirk Hunter, Fred Moss)
Friendship Force (Texans-Canadians) Dinner, Dallas, TX (April 23, 2010)

Storiebook Cafe Concert-2010 Storiebook Cafe Concert-2010
Lee VanWagner (left) / Jim Calhoun, Paul, Kris Cervantes, Garrett Cook (right)
Storiebook Cafe, Glen Rose, TX (May 1, 2010)

Paul with Guy Clark-Oct. 2010 Paul with Verlon Thompson-Oct. 2010
Since the 1970s Texas born and raised singer/songwriter Guy Clark has been one of Paul's musical heroes. Attending a Guy Clark concert in The Kessler theater in Dallas' Oak Cliff Oct. 22, 2010, was a musical trill of a lifetime. Backstage following the concert: Paul with Guy Clark (left) and Verlon Thompson, Guy's incredible acoutic guitar-playing accompanist.

Waco Montessori - May 10, 2012
Jane & Paul with 3rd grade class at Waco Montessori School - May 10, 2012

Waldo's Music Festival - jam session followed by concert - March 16, 2013 at UU Fellowship of Waco

J&P singing at FUSD
Jane & Paul singing for a morning service at the First Unitarian Society of Denver - Dec. 14, 2014

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